10th annual Woman Of Worth Conference

GET WOWED on Saturday, May 31, 2014, 9am-5pm
at the fabulous Grand Villa Hotel & Conference Centre

(Vancouver/Burnaby border, right beside Highway 1)

$1500 Leadership Gift to every delegate!

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NOTE: one seat FREE with a Reserved Table of 10

Very Special Guest Appearance!
Dr. Katie Hendricks - Empowered Relating

Dr. Katie is one of the foremost relationship experts in the world, a dynamic OPRAH guest, best-selling author of over 30 books, and co-founder of The Hendricks Institute. She invites you to take a conscious stand for joy in your relationships. These ground-breaking principles apply to EVERY relationship - your beloved, boss, staff, parents, children, colleagues. Experience a new way of relating. One built on heartfelt appreciation, creativity, integrity and wild play. "We may not know the entire meaning of life, but we're very sure it's not to have a bad time."

Also, info on her Vancouver 3-day seminar HERE



Meet your MC: Tammy Moyer - News1130

You've heard her on the drive in, the drive home, and you may have seen her MC at WOW last year when she took everyone from profound insights to hilarious laughter. Tammy has been a broadcaster for more than 20 years, and has worked within almost every facet of radio. She's crisscrossed the country, but her love of all things West Coast keeps her coming back to Vancouver. She now WOWs the Lower Mainland every weekday as the Morning Show Anchor at News1130, and it's no small thing to be a single mom and get up for work at 3am!

Women and children's issues are very dear to Tammy's heart, and that's just one reason why she's so excited to host a gathering like WOW. When she's not working, she's connected to her most important passion, her wild and wonderful son. Meet the lady behind the voice - Tammy is pumped about returning for our 10th Anniversary to spend the day WOWing you!



Never Say Never: Life Without Limits

You could hear a pin drop as she held the room in thrall at WOW Okanagan, followed by a thunderous standing ovation.

Leah is a world champion kickboxer, Tour de France cyclist, Race Across America champion (a gruelling 3,000 mile course), and was the first female undercover sergeant in Israel and instructor of the elite Commando division. She will share her unbelievable story of how a determined mindset catapulted her to places few have ever experienced. You'll be hanging onto your seat as she shares her stories, lessons and strategies on how, as a woman, you can strengthen your core to create the empowered mindset of a champion.

Leah is a stunning example of living a life without limits. By age 14 she had her black belt, and at 17 she was the World Kickboxing Champion. Shortly thereafter she enlisted in the Israel Military and transitioned into a Special Forces unit. The extreme lifestyle of the secret police eventually took its toll, and she found her salvation in a bicycle. From crashes to triumphs, Leah's story will wildly inspire you and give you a glimpse of what's possible when ANYTHING is possible.

At WOW with Leah you will:



Lighten Up and Laugh

The incomparable Linda Edgecombe is an award-winning humorist, internationally-renowned speaker, founder of Reset TV, a best-selling author and philanthropist. She'll have you rolling in the aisles while holding onto your aching stomach, as she energizes and inspires every room she walks into. Linda delivers with high humour and trademark enthusiasm as she shows you how to lighten the load and laugh.

Linda is a frequent media guest, and is one of our country's most popular and treasured speakers.  She's been featured on Canada AM, CHBC, BCTV, Global TV (just to name a few), and in several print publications. Her humour is hilarious and absolutely contagious. Recently returned from her 500-mile walking odyssey of The Camino in Spain, she'll have new stories to WOW you. The Wall Street Journal calls her an expert on shifting perspectives, and her message is as welcome as a good belly laugh. Get Fired Up and ready for Linda!

At WOW with Linda you will:



Natural Fast-Track Solutions to Balanced Hormones

Brenda Eastwood RNCP brings you the latest information from her new best-selling book, "9 Natural Fast-Track Solutions to Balanced Hormones". She's a dynamic speaker and international expert on women's health and hormones, and her only goal is your RESULTS. She goes far beyond dealing with hot flashes, PMS and night sweats - if your hormones are out of balance you can also experience unjustified weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, skin problems, low sex drive, mood swings and more.

She knows from her own personal experience and the thousands of clients she's helped just how challenging it can be to have a fully empowered and successful life when your hormonal balance is on tilt. Empowered Leaders need balanced hormones!

With over 30 years experience, Brenda knows what works ... and what doesn't. If you're tired of confusing, complicated and contradictory opinions, you'll appreciate how Brenda explains hormones in an EASY to understand, lively and often humorous way. Not only does she make super-simple sense, her strategies actually work.

At WOW with Brenda you will:



"The Psychology of Wealth ... with Soul"

"Business Sherpa" Colin Sprake is the best-selling author of Entrepreneur Success Recipe Key Ingredients That Separate The Millionaires From the Strugglers, and is the best-selling co-author of Stand Apart which he co-wrote with marketing guru Dan Kennedy.

He has an impressive 20+ year track record of growing multinational companies and building many of his own multimillion dollar businesses from the ground up. As the Founder and CEO of Make Your Mark Training & Consulting, a locally based business success training company, Colin lives by the rare tagline Business with Soul. He has taught his systems to thousands of people, supporting them in realizing their full revenue and profit potential in any economy ... and to do it with heart. Colin makes family his #1 priority, and he currently resides in South Surrey with his beautiful wife and two daughters.

Colin will not only WOW you with a fascinating and practical presentation, he will also take you deeper with a powerful Mastermind Conversation that personalizes what you've just learned and applies it to your life immediately.

At WOW with Colin you will:



Powerful Strategies for Magnetic Leaders

Christine Awram is a dynamic speaker, consultant, visionary and philanthropist, and she's the Founder of WOW. Diagnosed many years ago with a rare eye disease that was supposed to leave her blind, being a "medical miracle" refined her strategies and led to the creation of WOW to celebrate the magnificence and empowered leadership of women.

Her life hasn't always been easy ... from a public beating as a small child to agoraphobia and health challenges, she has never stopped her journey of ongoing empowerment for self and others. Her unflagging determination was honoured with the Outstanding Leadership Award presented by the Global Women's Summit in 2012. Christine's vast knowledge, innovative style and joyful presence have inspired thousands to healthier, happier and more empowered lives. She also believes chocolate is a vegetable, as it comes from a bean.

At WOW with Christine you will:



The Legendary Drum Cafe - Unite. Uplift. Inspire.

Celebration & Leadership with Boomwackers!

What's a boomwacker, you might be asking? You'll find out at WOW! Drum Cafe are world leaders in corporate drumming and team-building. We're honoured to have them return to WOW for our landmark 10th anniversary.



The Woman Of Worth Awards

These six awards have become highly-esteemed in BC. Finalists and recipients are honoured at the conference (see our 2013 recipients HERE).

Recognize and honour a Woman Of Worth in your life, and submit your nomination online HERE. Nominations are accepted until Midnight on April 22, 2014.

This is one of the most powerful and meaningful ways you can acknowledge another, in a way she will remember and be impacted by forever.



"Philanthropy with IWEN"

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

WOW aligned with IWEN years ago to rescue young girls from slavery, and provides educational scholarships and micro-financing for females in rural Nepal. This grassroots project has transformed the cultural and economic profile of the community.

Today there are over 2.5 million girls still being sold into sexual slavery each year. Our global sisters need our help to reclaim their rightful place as Women Of Worth! This goes beyond human rights, as it's also empowering economic strength. Our global family is just as important as our own community, because it's all woven together in the fabric that joins us all. As stated by Tom Brokaw for Half The Sky, "It's time to rise up and say 'No More!' to the abuses of girls and women."

Find out about Classrooms with a Cause at WOW, and be part of this powerful change.



This extraordinary day takes you out out of the boardroom and into the ballroom!

In addition to the world-class speakers and entertainment, WOW also includes a delicious lunch, ballroom seating, big screens, great door prizes, loads of fun, laughter, empowerment, education, inspiration, connections, celebration ... and chocolate.

While enjoying your fantastic WOW program, you'll also find yourself just naturally making authentic and meaningful connections, and the perfect resource or people will show up. Everything and anything is possible at WOW.


Advance Saving until Midnight May 29th HERE

For our landmark 10th Anniversary on May 31, 2014

Plus: Tables of 10 - one seat FREE and reserved seating


Celebrating the empowered leadership of women
Because all women are Leaders
And every woman ... is a Woman Of Worth


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