Woman Of Worth WOW Conference at

the Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa

At the event of the year for women

Saturday, October 28th, 2017
9am-5pm, Lunch Included

Women. Empowering. Women.


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NOTE: one seat is FREE with a Reserved Table of 10


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Living Undisguised

A Frockalicious Life

Jo Dibblee lived in hiding for 35 years as the key witness in a murder trial. Out of necessity she wore disguises, or what she called "frocks of protection" under numerous aliases. Although she was in constant fear for her life, and had to move and change her identity numerous times, she dedicated herself to serving others and helped over 1,500 women launch their dream life. Now a best-selling author, she is a Champion of Change whose mission is to assist women live the life they aspire to!

Have you ever felt like you're a best-kept secret in life, love or business? Jo understands this all too well, and knows there is never a better time to step out of the shadows and shine than right NOW. Your past does not determine your future destiny, and it's time to live what she calls A Frockalicious Life. No apologies, no excuses, just a rich and deliciously authentic life.

At WOW with Jo you will learn:


Law Of Attraction

For Women Only

Dana J. Smithers is known as the "How-To Gal" for Law of Attraction. She has taught thousands of people how to become more empowered by manifesting what they want in life (and less of what they don’t). She is an author, speaker, consultant and Certified Law of Attraction Trainer.

At the age of 35 she started a journey that turned her unhappy life around. Broke, divorced, working in another country with a man she no longer respected, she had her defining moment and woke up. Learning how to use mind-power techniques from Law of Attraction allowed her to shift from pain to power, and she'll teach you too.

At WOW with Dana you will:


Energy Plus!

Fast-Track Solutions to Increase Energy

Brenda Eastwood RNCP, best-selling author of Natural FastTrack Solutions to Balance Your Hormones, brings you the latest information on how to quickly, easily and naturally raise your energy. She's a dynamic speaker and international expert on women's health and hormones, and her only goal is your RESULTS.

You work, you plan, you organize, you're BUSY ... but are you fueling yourself on coffee and pure determination? Do you fall onto the sofa in a stupor at the end of the day? Are you struggling with energy issues?

Wherever you're at on the energy scale, she will help you raise it. If zero is “shoot me, I might as well be dead” and 10 is your optimum level, her goal is to make you a TEN!

She knows from personal experience and the thousands of clients she's helped just how challenging it can be to have a fully empowered and successful life when you are feeling sluggish or fatigued. Empowered Leaders need energy plus! With over 30 years experience, Brenda knows what works ... and what doesn't. If you're tired of confusing, complicated and contradictory opinions, you'll appreciate how Brenda explains how to fast track your results in an EASY to understand, lively and often humorous way. Not only does she make super-simple sense, her strategies actually work.

At WOW with Brenda you will:


The Connected Woman

Build, Influence & Leverage your Network

Cathy Kuzel is an award-winning business development expert, wth a deep knowledge of the art of human connection. Whether you're a business owner, entrepreneur, corporate or stay-at-home, learning how to master authentic connection will create dynamic results in every area of your life.

Do you remember your mother shaking her finger at you saying, “Don’t talk to strangers!”? While we understand the value of "networking", so many times we go to events or business functions and end up standing in the corner with a glass of wine in our hand. We’ve been programmed since birth that talking to strangers is a bad thing.

Don’t listen to your mother ... talk to strangers!

She is known to state, "I’m not saying I'm going to make you rich or famous (although I might), and I don’t teach theory. I teach small, simple things that if you do them they WILL produce results (and that’s a good thing!), Learn tried and true techniques to navigate a room, create connections and make a timely exit. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, you’ll emerge with the self confidence and the skill sets to increase your networking success immediately.

At WOW with Cathy you will learn how to:


The Other F Word

Yes, there's Life Beyond Fine

Beth Hanishewski is, in a word, brilliant. In two words, bloody brilliant! As a TEDx speaker, expert facilitator and coach on improving relationships and living a better life, Beth is the best. She's an international trainer, author and coach who has shared the stage with some of the world's top speakers including Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, Lisa Nichols and Mike Dooley in Australia, the United States and Canada. She has been called "the swiss army knife of coaches" with a knack for simplifying the most complex problems into small doable steps.

Life made easy? Yes. But first you must stop being "fine". In a world where you are asked to juggle many hats, inevitably one or more areas of your life are sacrificed in order to be successful (or at least look like you are!). This interactive training invites participants to take a snapshot of their life and illuminate the areas most affecting their productivity, results and overall happiness. By the end you will be able to choose how you wish to age ... gracefully or wildly.

At WOW with Beth you will learn:


Your WOW EmCee

Buckle Up!

Adera Angelucci is the Co-Founder of the award-wining media company SPIRO Creative. She recently was nominated for the U40 Business Person of the Year and Leadership of the Year Award. She is a mentor for the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and does all she can to help businesses and organizations share their stories so we can create positive change and bigger impact in our communities.

Playful. Hilarious. Inspiring.

This wonderful WOW Woman will weave the day together with her signature fun-loving energy!


WOW Author Panel

#1 Bestselling Authors

"WOW Woman Of Worth: 15 Influential Women Share Empowering Stories of Life & Leadership" was just launched, and is a truly extraordinary collective that is deeply Raw, Authentic and Powerful. It reached #1 Bestseller status in three different categories, including Women & Business, and was also #1 in Movers & Shakers and #1 in Hot New Releases in Business.

Women. Empowering. Women.

The authors are coming to WOW for a panel discussion, to share what it's been like to be part of this powerful "Tribe" that went from concept to bestseller in just three months. Unheard of! When women come together and collaborate with a common purpose, magic and miracles happen.


Spa Secrets

For Outrageous Self-Care

Empowered Beauty begins within, as nothing can beat radiance from the inside out. But there are also important things to know about the most empowering way to care for your skin and body, and we have some of the foremost experts in the world attending WOW to guide you!

Healing Springs Spa from the Harrison Resort will also be there with samples, skin analysis and tips on DeStressing for DeAging. If you're staying at the resort during the WOW Weekend, also check out their private hot springs and WOW specials at the spa!


Spirit of the Village

Connect. Collaborate. Celebrate.

Jacky Yenga is one of a kind. She is bringing her uplifting African Dance to WOW, to make your soul sing and your heart soar!



"Philanthropy with IWEN"

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

WOW aligned with IWEN years ago to rescue young girls from slavery, and provides educational scholarships and micro-financing for females in rural Nepal. This grassroots project has transformed the cultural and economic profile of the community.

Today there are over 2.5 million girls still being sold into sexual slavery each year. Our global sisters need our help to reclaim their rightful place as Women Of Worth! This goes beyond human rights, as it's also empowering economic strength. Our global family is just as important as our own community, because it's all woven together in the fabric that joins us all. As stated by Tom Brokaw for Half The Sky, "It's time to rise up and say 'No More!' to the abuses of girls and women."

Find out about Classrooms with a Cause at WOW, and be part of this powerful change.



In addition to the world-class speakers and entertainment, WOW also includes a delicious lunch, ballroom seating, big screens, door prizes, loads of fun, laughter, empowerment, education, inspiration, connections, celebration ... and chocolate.

While enjoying your fantastic WOW program, you'll also find yourself just naturally making authentic and meaningful connections, and the perfect resource or people will show up. Everything and anything is possible at WOW.


Saturday, October 28th, 2017, 9am-5pm
at the fabulous Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa


Pre-Registration discount - Register HERE

NOTE: one seat is FREE with a Reserved Table of 10


Celebrating the empowered leadership of women
Because all women are Leaders
And every woman ... is a Woman Of Worth


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