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The Tammy Moyer Woman Of Worth Awards
Saturday, March 25, 1-4pm, Delta Grand Villa Ballroom

Advance Ticket Savings Available

The Awards were originally created to support the collaboration, celebration, connection and empowerment of women. Nominating her is one of the most powerful ways to appreciate and acknowledge another, in a way she will remember and be impacted by forever.

"It's always worthwhile to make others aware of their worth."
(Malcolm Forbes)

Why Tammy Moyer?

The Awards were renamed the Tammy Moyer Woman Of Worth Awards to honour the memory of an extraordinary woman. Tammy was the morning anchor on News1130, and was a passionate supporter of women's causes and WOW. Her sudden loss to pancreatic cancer in 2016 was a tragic blow to all who knew her, especially her 7-year-old son as she was a single mom. The Awards will allow Tammy's name to live on in a way that was meaningful to her, and also provide ongoing financial support to the Trust that was established for her son to secure his future.

Announcing our 2017 Award Finalists

The selection committee has chosen the following extraordinary women as our finalists for the 7 Woman Of Worth Awards. All finalists will be recognized at the event, and the 7 recipients will be announced during the award ceremony. Everyone is a winner for being nominated, and every woman is a Woman Of Worth. Congratulations!

Adera Angelucci - Spiro Creative Leah Ruppel - Life Coach & Trainer
Annaliisa Kapp - Annaliisa's Organic Kitchen Linda Ferguson - Fashion Designer
Brenda Koch - Open Air Orchestra Society Margot Ware - Shylo Home Healthcare
Brittany Hardy - Empty Desk Marilyn Wilson - Influence Publishing
Cathy Kuzel - The Connected Woman Michela Quilici - eWomen Network
Cheryl Brewster - The Intuitive Life Milena Cerin - Coach
Dana Smithers - Law of Attraction Monica Star-Christie - Orphan Advocate
Danielle VanZanten - VCBB Monique MacDonald - Your Sacred Gifts
DeeAnn Lensen - Advanced Spa Technologies Nicole Tidridge - Sand and Stone
Diane Rolston - Dynamic Women in Action Nicolette Richer - Green Moustache
Francesca Anastasi - Magnificent You Pamela Chatry - Women's Advantage
Gail Watson - Women Speakers Assoc. Sandra Fikus - Sereno Wellness Spa
Jacquoline Martin - Prizm Media Shari Molchan - Money Coach
Jenna Magrath - Dancer & Student Schannel Siregar - Refood Canada
Jo Dibblee - Frock Off Inc. Shirley Weir - Menopause Chicks
Julie Atkinson RN - New Look New Life Dr. Sue Ferreira - Wisdom to Wealth
Karen McGregor - Speaker Success Formula Susan Friesen - eVision Media
Kimberley Pickett - KIMBO Design Sydney Link - Pastry Chef
Kirsten Slenning - TigerMilk Collective Tammy Dupuis - Sugar'd Hair Removal
Kristal Barrett-Stuart - Sparkle Project Tetyana Golota - Happy Lifestyle
Leanne Pelosi - K2 Snowboards Dr. Theresa Nicassio - YUM
Dana Harvey - GEM Advertising  

Attend the Awards - it's a WOW Event!

Anyone wanting to connect, collaborate and celebrate with like-minded amazing people, a WOW Event is always an entertaining and powerful event! Besides the actual Awards ceremony, the event will feature:

- Celebrity MC Joanna Mileos
- Global thought-leader Kristin Andress (see below)
- Order of Canada recipient Gloria Cuccione of the Cuccione Foundation
- Leading-edge cancer researcher Dr. Sandra Dunn
- Steve Darling (long-time Global TV anchor)

There will also be entertainment (African dance and drumming demo led by the fabulous Jacky Essombe), a wine bar, and it wouldn't be WOW without chocolate (featuring organic delish truffles by Hooray).

Grand Villa

Vancouver, BC

March 25, 2017

March 25, 2017, 1pm - 4pm

Earlybird (general admission)
+gst (reg. $98), includes drink ticket
SAVE $21

Save even more
Reserved Table of 10 (pay for 9, 1 is FREE)
+gst (reg. $882) until March 12
SAVE $189
PLUS reserved seating


Registrations are non-refundable, but ARE transferable up to 3 business days prior to the event by notifying info@theWOWevent.com with the name and email address of your replacement. WOW reserves the right to replace speakers, dates and venues.

Special VIP Guest Speaker Kristin Andress

We're incredibly honoured that Kristin is making a special trip to fly in and be part of this empowering event. She's a powerful mover and shaker who guides world thought leaders (and is also a business partner with Oprah's guy Stedman Graham). She quotes, "Now is the time to reflect on your story. This is YOUR world, so how do you choose to show up in it? What do you choose to see and believe?" Kristin is the best-selling author of "Imagine Being in a Life You Love" and "Be Good for Goodness Sake", and has an MBA in Organizational Communication. Her best day is a day she delivers a bold idea. It's a rare privilege to welcome her to WOW.


Please apply HERE to be a sponsor or apply for an exhibitor display table at the event.

Award Categories

- WOW Leader of the Year
- WOW Motherpreneur of the Year
- WOW of Health & Wellness
- WOW of Business & Prosperity
- WOW of Spirit Success & Soul
- WOW of Sustainable Living
- NEW: Young WOW Sparkle Award

To view a 2-minute clip of a past Health & Wellness Award:


Criteria & Eligibility

Each nominee personifies the elements of the Woman Of Worth Credo
(please view Credo at bottom of this page)

Each Woman Of Worth Award candidate leads an empowered successful life by:

1. Valuing and respecting herself, as well as others.

2. Leading through empowerment and inspiration.

3. Experiencing challenges, and learning from them with fortitude and grace.

4. Standing as a role model with authenticity and courage.

5. Bringing the spirit of collaboration and celebration into the world.

The Woman of Worth Award Categories

You can nominate more than one woman, but only one per category:

1) Woman of Worth: WOW Leader of the Year Award

Sponsored by Connect Now Business Network

Criteria of a successful nominee: In addition to the above 5 elements, the recipient has achieved exemplary success by promoting, inspiring and contributing outstanding achievement while leading a balanced lifestyle. Her vision of the future forges new roles and inspiration for women, builds capacity for empowerment, and creates opportunities for future generations. She strengthens her community/organization through innovative approaches to resolving challenges, and inspires meaningful change.

2) Woman of Worth: WOW of Business & Prosperity Award

Sponsored by White Spot Restaurants

Criteria of a successful nominee: In addition to the above 5 elements, the recipient is recognized for creating a respectful and productive workplace, and promoting employees' and/or colleagues' healthy lifestyle and career development. She excels in her commitment to successful and prosperous business management, and utilizes her sustainable achievements as foundations for the future.

3) Woman of Worth: WOW of Health & Wellness Award

Sponsored by Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions

Criteria of a successful nominee: In addition to the above 5 elements, the recipient impacts and enriches the lives of others by promoting a healthy body and mind, along with a balanced career, family, community and personal growth lifestyle. She is a role model for overall healthy living and wellness.

4) Woman of Worth: WOW of Spirit, Success & Soul Award

Sponsored by Brian Jessel BMW

Criteria of a successful nominee: In addition to the above 5 elements, the recipient enriches her community and/or organization through the mentorship of others. She has a strong connection to the core of her spirit, and champions the potential to fulfill personal dreams. Her skillful use of compassion, motivation and facilitation empowers the lives of others.

5) Woman of Worth: WOW of Sustainable Living Award

Sponsored by Granola Girl

Criteria of a successful nominee: In addition to the above 5 elements, the recipient embraces her passion for environmental practices and sustainability, and is a role model to others. She supports the use of organics, recycling, natural care and cleaning products, and has successfully implemented sustainable practices in her daily life personally and professionally.

6) Woman of Worth: WOW Motherpreneur of the Year Award

Sponsored by Fresh Magazine

Criteria of a successful nominee: In addition to the above 5 elements, the recipient has created a highly successful life balance in career, home and family. She excels at time and energy management, and thrives as both an Entrepreneur and Mommy!

7) Woman of Worth: Young WOW Sparkle Award

Sponsored by Swish Ladieswear

Criteria of a successful nominee: In addition to the above 5 elements, this young WOW is age 18-25 and already demonstrating empowered leadership to her peers. She is kind, strives to lead a healthy and self-confident life, identifies her goals, pursues her passions, and has a game plan clearly in place for her current and future success.

Inspired by The Sparkle Project BC

Who is eligible?

The Tammy Moyer Woman of Worth Award nominees must:

1. Be women who live in the Province of British Columbia and be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.

2. Represent the Nomination Criteria above, and personify the elements of the Woman Of Worth Credo (below).

3. Permit in writing their acceptance of the nomination and the use of their name, photo and information in connection with the Tammy Moyer Woman of Worth Awards.

4. Upon notification of their nomination and finalist status, the nominee must be prepared to register and be in attendance at the Woman of Worth (WOW) Conference in Vancouver on Saturday, March 25th, 1-4pm, where the Awards will be formally presented.

Who may submit a nomination?

Businesses and organizations, and individuals of either gender, may submit a nomination application. You can submit one or as many nominations as you wish BUT you cannot nominate the same woman in different categories.

How do I nominate someone?

Complete the online application form below in FULL and submit by Midnight Febraury 28, 2017.


Email info@theWOWevent.com


All candidates will be notified by email of their nomination once their application has been reviewed and accepted. Finalists will be announced the first week of March.

Nomination Deadline:

Midnight - February 28, 2017



Nominate a Candidate


We suggest you draft the answers to the underlying questions in a Word document, then cut & paste the information into the designated areas below. Once you click on the Submit button, this page (with your response) is no longer accessible to you. By creating your responses in a Word document first, it will allow you to keep a copy of your nomination on file.

WOW reserves the right to switch a nominee to a different category than the one she is nominated for.


Information About The Woman You Are Nominating:

(must be completed in FULL)

Award Category
Nominee's Name
Nominee's Title
Nominee's Place of Business
Nominee's Address
Nominee's City
Nominee's Postal Code
Nominee's Phone
Nominee's Fax
Nominee's Email
Information About You, as the Nominator:
Your Name
Your Title
Your Place of Business
Your Address
Your City
Your Postal Code
Your Phone
Your Fax
Your Email
Please include the following information:
What makes this nominee the perfect choice for this award? (max 750 words)

Give two examples of how this nominee personifies the elements of the WOW Credo.


Give two examples of how this nominee demonstrates the criteria of this award category.


Give one example of this nomineeļæ½s contribution to her community and/or organization specific to this award.


By selecting this box I agree that all the information provided herein is accurate to the best of my knowledge, and the woman I am nominating will be available to register and attend the Tammy Moyer Woman Of Worth Awards on Saturday, March 25th, 1-4pm at the Delta Grand Villa Ballroom in Vancouver/Burnaby, if announced as a finalist.


Written by Christine Awram, WOW Founder

I am a Woman of Worth!

My worthiness is inherent, infinite and persevering -
it is my natural state

My value is a reflection of who I AM -
and I am magnificent

And ... who I am always makes a difference -
because I MATTER

I am successful -
because I come from my true power which lies within

I am an empowered leader -
I impact others from quiet acts of kindness to leading a nation

I am abundant -
I manifest success from the core of my values and vision

I cherish my relationships -
they are part of what makes me strong

I am a Human BEing -
as my BEing is of far more significance than my DOing

I bring beauty, joy and light into the world -

At times I despair and I weep,
when I feel the pain of a world that has momentarily gone mad

Yet even when I tremble through a dark night of the soul,
I renew my faith and my courage in a single heartbeat -
because my spirit is indomitable

I FEEL and I CARE and I am passionately ALIVE -
with a heart as open as the universe