WOW celebrates the empowered leadership of all women

Because every woman is a Leader
And every woman ... is a Woman Of Worth

There are two annual conferences - one in Vancouver and one in the Okanagan. They both include a full day of world-class speakers, entertainment, lunch, learning, leadership, meaningful connections, celebration ... and chocolate.

They both impact a lifetime.

There are ongoing Evenings for Women Of Worth, which go far beyond a typical "speaker series". Not only do you experience learning with community leaders, but you also take part in an experiential "Mini Mastermind" to deepen the learning and authentic connection with other powerful women. It's an evening to connect with your community of fabulous women, relax, rejuvenate, laugh, get real, get heard, and get even more WOWed.

The highly-esteemed Woman Of Worth Awards open up nominations in the Fall, and this is one of the more powerful ways you can appreciate and acknowledge another in a way she will remember forever.

"Leadership and empowerment are journeys, not destinations. As women, we are the inspiration for profound change in the world - and empowered leadership is being called for at an even higher level. Together we can each step into our own unique and powerful place of leadership with enhanced clarity and connection."