"WOW was born from my desire to profoundly impact and celebrate the spirit, success, equality and empowered leadership of all women.


Leadership is a diverse topic and can bring to mind old-paradigm C words like control, command and clout. However, WOW supports a more effective and effortless form of leadership ... an inspiring and powerful platform that includes compelling C words like connection, collaboration and celebration. And let's not forget chocolate. :)

I believe every woman is an inherent and unique leader in her own wonderful way, from random acts of kindness to leading a nation. The intention of WOW has always been to bring together a unique blend of both personal and professional development, because the two are integrated. You're in the same mind and body, whether you're in the familyroom or the boardroom!

WOW gives you powerful training from world-class speakers, while celebrating your magnificence. At WOW you will learn, celebrate and make meaningful connections. You'll heighten your awareness of who you are, why you're here and how deeply you matter ... which is the most powerful place to lead from.

It's time to Get WOWed."

Christine Awram, Founder