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Because all women are Leaders

And every woman ... is a Woman Of Worth

Connect | Celebrate | Collaborate | Educate | EMPOWER


WOW at the Spa!

Sparkling Hill Spa Resort

April 14, 2018

Details HERE

WOW at the Hot Springs!

Harrison Hot Springs Resort

October 28, 2017

Details HERE

Submit a nomination for the acclaimed event
The Tammy Moyer Woman Of Worth Awards

Saturday, March 25, 2017, 1-4pm

Online Nominations
and Tickets HERE


WOW Leader of the Year
WOW Motherpreneur of the Year
WOW of Business & Prosperity
WOW of Health & Wellness
WOW of Spirit, Success & Soul
WOW of Sustainable Living
NEW: Young WOW Sparkle Award

Meaningfully empower her in a way she will be impacted by and remember forever

WOW is for women interested in the value of ...
- empowered leadership
- a unique blend of personal and professional development
- impactful team building and collaboration
- increased energy, health and wellness
- laughter, celebration and meaningful connection
- power, peace, prosperity, purpose
- and ... chocolate! (of course)

It's time to GET WOWED

From Christine Awram, WOW Founder:

Twelve years ago it was just an idea, and now we're impacting the global empowerment of women. WOW takes us a step closer to a world where ALL women collaborate and are powerful, prosperous, peaceful and on purpose. I began this adventure with a burning desire to make a difference. There were many times I wavered and despaired, and if there was a mistake to be made I made it, but I kept the vision and kept moving forward. I'm humbled by what we've created together as a community. WOW is incredible. My invitation to every woman: Celebrate your magnificence, turn up the volume, step up your leadership game, and GET WOWED."

WOW Philanthropy

WOW also supports the education, emancipation, equality and empowerment of girls, by rescuing them from slavery and educating them (and their families) for sustainable change.Today there are over 2.5 million girls being sold into sexual slavery each year. Our global sisters need our help to reclaim their rightful place as Women Of Worth! This goes beyond human rights, as it's also empowering our global economic strength. As stated by Tom Brokaw, "It's time to rise up and say 'No More!' to the abuses of girls and women." Find out about Classrooms with a Cause at WOW, and be part of this powerful change. And take a minute to watch 'The Girl Effect' to uplift and inspire your heart:



IMAGINE a day devoted to your fabulousness, with world-class speakers on Health, Wealth, Leadership, Success and Soul. IMAGINE wonderful entertainment, a beautiful ballroom, laughter, meaningful connections ... and chocolate!
IMAGINE an extravaganza of retail therapy, great gifts and exciting door prizes. IMAGINE an unforgettable day of personal and professional development that can impact you forever.



(Watch the CBC-TV WOW News Clip 1-1/2 minutes, click on arrow)

I wanted to express my deep appreciation for this event and to thank you so much. You should be very proud, as everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously. I feel inspired, renewed and at peace." - Marlene
The speakers were fabulous - I felt like they were speaking directly to me. After WOW, I was so much more self-confident I started my own business. Thank you again for your vision!" - Cori
I cannot tell you how inspired I was, and in fact have shared tidbits with my staff at our Monday morning meetings. I love discovering ways to raise the bar and become a more successful WOW!"
- Bonnie

Empowering, Motivating, Life-Changing and FUN.

I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

Colleen Troy - Radio Personality

"It's always worthwhile to make others aware of their worth."
(Malcolm Forbes, Publisher)


Written by Christine Awram, Founder

I am a Woman of Worth!

My worthiness is inherent, infinite and persevering -
it is my natural state

My value is a reflection of who I AM -
and I am magnificent

And ... who I am always makes a difference -
because I MATTER

I am successful -
because I come from my true power which lies within

I am empowered -
making choices from the clarity of my heart, mind and spirit

I am an empowered leader -
as I impact others from quiet acts of kindness to leading a nation

I am abundant -
as I manifest success from the core of my values and vision

I cherish my relationships -
they are part of what makes me strong

I am a Human BEing -
as my BEing is of far more significance than my DOing

I play, laugh, and bring beauty and light into the world -

At times I despair and I weep,
when I feel the pain of a world that has momentarily gone mad

Yet even when I tremble through a dark night of the soul,
I renew my faith and my courage in a single heartbeat -
because my spirit is indomitable

I FEEL and I CARE and I am passionately ALIVE -
with a heart as open as the universe